about CLDD

Center For Liver
and Digestive Diseases

CLDD is a team of highly skilled doctors specializing in disorders and diseases of the digestive system, which include the Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Colon, Gallbladder, Liver and Pancreas. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service in the form of treatment, education, and prevention of digestive disorders.

We strive to provide each one of our patients with the ability to enhance their quality of life. We are proud to employ board certified doctors, certified doctors assistants and, a highly competent and friendly staff.

our Team

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Adnan Rafiq

Senior Consultant Gastroenterology

Dr. Manoj Gupta

Senior Consultant Surgical Gastroenterology

Dr. Adnan Rafiq

Our Vision
Our vision as a well-managed and focused medical group, is to achieve long-term viability. CLDD will achieve this by increasing both the range and the depth of its services, providing patient and professional education, and offering preventative services. By managing its operations effectively and efficiently, CLDD will grow its market share and profitability responsibly. There will also be an increasing attention to and reliance upon information technologies.
Our Mission
The physicians and staff of Center for Liver and Digestive Diseases (CLDD) are committed to a mission of demonstrating compassion, commitment to excellence, and offering complete patient services. We achieve this mission through a commitment to continuing education programs, operating efficiencies and customer-focused services. We continue to grow and expand digestive services with a focus on new technology.

Our Value
In the pursuit of this vision, the actions of leadership, staff and other physicians will be guided by the following values: Integrity
Teamwork and collaboration